Teach A Child Reading

Written by Sierra Rein
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To teach a child reading is one of the most wonderful joys in the world, for parents and teachers alike. Simply knowing that you are laying down the basic learning tools for the rest of a child's life can be scary, but it can be full of fun as well. As long as certain criteria are met, any child can learn his or her ABC's quickly and efficiently.

With the current state of education today, experts claim that 38% of 4th graders still can not read a simple Dr. Seuss poem. Some may claim that learning disabilities or ADD is sweeping the nation. In response to this, many professional educators are saying that it is the quality and structure of the educational process that is failing our kids today.

How Teach a Child Reading at Home

Because many parents do not necessarily trust the public school system, and can not afford a private school, they will instead turn to home schooling methods and take matters into their own hands. They can use home school books to supplement their child's current education. Or they can notify their state's school advisory board and bring their children home for a complete learning process.

Professional publishing companies have created educational tools for every elementary, junior high and high school level. Workbooks and textbooks, in addition to audio cassettes, can be purchased through quality bookstores and shopping websites. The challenge to teach a child reading does not have to be too difficult or too expensive.

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