Teach Child To Write

Written by Sierra Rein
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To teach a child to write is to teach him another form of personal expression. By being able to write, she can put down her thoughts onto the page and to develop her own ideas about life and her place in it. By learning the basics of reading and writing early on in life, the challenges associated with the educational process can run much more smoothly for her.

Writing requires not only the ability to put ink onto paper, but also the cognitive and communication skills necessary to form a complete, whole sentence that makes sense. In today's public educational spectrum, it is often very difficult for a teacher to pay attention to the writing development of every child in his class. Crowded schools, untrained teachers and a number of other problems have plagued the writing courses needed to sufficiently train students.

The Other Option: Teach a Child to Write at Home

Because of the above issues, a parent may feel it necessary to teach reading comprehension and writing skills at home. This is a good option if the child is not learning in school and responds better to one-on-one lessons. A parent can do it herself using pre-made home schooling materials or hire a professional teacher to make house calls each day.

These home school books should challenge the student and help him understand that writing is not a chore, but a fantastic door to self discovery. One great idea is to teach a child to write in a journal and record daily observations, poems, spiritual quotes or personal essays. After all, as long as one has a venue for their own voice to be heard and read, a child will be more in tune to the learning process and be in touch with his own emotional health and spiritual well-being.

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