Teach Math

Written by Sierra Rein
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Many home school parents who decide to teach math to their children have a dilemma. Some of them have forgotten the basic skills of math to help their children get through basic algebra, geometry and trigonometry! It has been so many years since their own experience in High School or College that they do not know how to step forward into their own child's math education.

Instead of teaching a child from memory, a parent must arm himself with the right home school books on math. He must purchase new books every year to reflect the new grade level and maintain a steady and gradual improvement of math skills. After all, the ultimate goal is to pass the High School efficiency tests, earn a diploma, and eventually find a College.

Teach Math with Professional Lessons

Most of the home schooling courses learned today are from professionally written books designed to allow the child to teach herself. Parents can act as guides and introduce general concepts. The child can then learn in his own time or through scheduled class periods and request help and grading from her parents at the end of the day.

For young children, the task is to teach math using games, songs, colors and artwork. They will have fun while learning how to count, subtract, multiply and divide. Plus, learning shapes like triangles, circles, squares, rectangles and cubes will give them the basics for geometry.

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