Teach Reading

Written by Sierra Rein
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To teach reading to a child is to create a foundation of learning for the rest of her life. Kids who begin to read early, and who continue reading voraciously after, are more likely to get better grades and do well in other subjects. Reading stimulates the functions in the brain that allow a child's comprehension skills to develop and prepare for more challenging subjects.

Many parents choose to take their children out of the school and teach reading at home. Students are taught either by their own parents or by an in-home teacher who makes daily house calls. A child will have one on one attention given to her learning process and be able to truly connect with the stories he is reading.

What to Use to Teach Reading at Home

Because parents are not trained as teachers, they should choose a good home school curriculum that is pre-organized by a home schooling company. Many publishers, such as the Alpha Omega curriculum company, spend years of educational research to write text books, workbooks, reading drills and exercises. A parent need only to read the teaching guide that comes with the pack of materials and follow the curriculum schedule to teach reading to her child.

One can find these home school publishing companies from a number of different sources. Book stores may have a good local selection of learning materials. However, the Internet is perhaps the most extensive source of books on home school reading courses, as many publishing companies have online shopping sites, reviews and product descriptions for their learning tools.

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