Ce Insurance Services

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The Internet, no denying, has changed the complexion of CE insurance services more than anyone in the industry might have conceived as few as 15 years ago. The essence of the insurance profession is unchanged, of course. As an industry it arose from the ashes of the 1666 great fire of London with a single goal--to protect individuals and organizations from either minor or devastating loss. (The 1666 fire destroyed more than 80 percent of London's buildings, though it killed very few, strangely enough.)

CE Insurance Services: the 21st Century

The goal of CE insurance services is to ensure that standards of competence and excellence are rigorously maintained. The particulars about how many hours of CE are required varies from state to state, yes. Examinations differ in some degree. Licenses are issued on a state-by-state basis. From the policy holder's perspective, rates vary from state to state. (Think about the difference in health care coverage from Virginia to Maryland or Massachusetts to Maine, for example.)

But you as an insurance professional face the same overall standards no matter where you practice. This more coordinated and uniform system has come largely in response to the Internet. You're looking more at a coordinated network than at 50 isolated services. You choose your CE course work not from the offerings of any one state, but from those of 47. (The credit sharing reciprocity agreement has not yet been signed by Florida, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island.)

Education means more than sessions in traditional classrooms or corporate conference rooms. CE insurance services now include Internet businesses that focus on distance learning and self-study programs. You study for your license renewals or new career directions at your own schedule, from almost anywhere.

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