Florida Insurance Continuing Education

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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For an outsider (someone born in Virginia, for example, and living in Maryland or Massachusetts), there's a decidedly interesting twist to Florida insurance continuing education. No application for it will be considered until the state has your fingerprints on record. (It's not unique in that respect.) That said, Florida does gracefully and immediately halt the process of your application for a license if you are deemed ineligible. Why is that a plus? Application fees aren't assessed.

Errata on Florida Insurance Continuing Education

A few other stipulations that apply to Florida insurance continuing education in general--that is, the license the education credits get you--are worth remembering. One is that your insurance license is a photo ID. Another is that once you are deemed eligible for a Florida license, you must schedule and take the examination for it within 90 days. Failing on either count means starting the process over and paying the fees for a second time.

As far as Florida insurance continuing education itself is concerned, you're restricted to the classes offered within the state by its accredited institution. Florida is not yet among the 47 states that have signed on to the reciprocal continuing education agreement. By that agreement, a state agrees to accept for license credit classes that an insurance practitioner has taken in another state.

Another way of putting it might be more clear. You can take continuing education classes in insurance no matter what state offers them, and use the credits from those classes toward your license renewal--as long as you don't practice in Florida, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island. Those three may yet sign on to the agreement.

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