Insurance Ce Credits

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Your ticket to contributing to your profession and to advancing your career are getting those insurance CE credits you need to renew your license each time it comes due. Fortunately, this isn't the hassle it used to be. Thanks to the convenience of the Internet and self-study, you can earn insurance CE credits no matter how busy your schedule is.

Insurance CE Credits: Branching Out

Whether you want to earn a license as a certified financial planner, as a health underwriter, or an advisor for senior living, the online route makes it possible and convenient. Your first step, of course, is to study your state requirements. How many hours or credits do you need for the line you want to add to your offerings?

It's critical to know how many insurance CE credits your state (or states) require for you to be certified and qualified to practice whatever new line interests you. Maybe a national certification in workers' compensation claims administration or integrated disability management is a good direction. The point, in part, is that the choice is yours.

You've invested a good many years of your professional life to the insurance industry. Why not make the most of them? Continuing education is becoming more important in this--and other--industries, not less so. The days of graduating from college and never cracking another book for study or taking another exam are pretty much over. They certainly are in a vital industry that demands both your best and your most enthusiastic dedication.

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