Insurance Continuing Education Courses

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Insurance continuing education courses are no exception to the rule of priorities. No matter how busy your schedule is, you manage to make time for the things that make a difference, right? You're in the insurance field, or you wouldn't be checking out what's available in insurance continuing education courses. It's worth your while to take a little time in researching the different institutions that offer programs and classes, yes. The bottom line is that you can't avoid certain realities. One is that you must have a license to practice. Another is that every so often you need to renew that license. How well do you know the history of why it's important?

Insurance Continuing Education Courses in Context

Insurance as a business began, as you doubtless know, with the Great Fire of London in 1666. Charles II was king. Catholicism in England was losing its dominance. The capital city of a burgeoning empire was about to learn--for a second time--that straw-thatched roofs are dangerous. The first time had been shortly after William the Conqueror conquered. London burned then, killing about 3,000 of its residents.

From that 1066 conflagration came the word "curfew." Fires were used for both cooking and heating in those days. The first fire had, like the second, happened because someone's thatched roof had caught fire from embers smoldering in a hearth that had been left burning unattended. The word "curfew" means, literally, "covering the fire." William the Conqueror's law dictated that fires not be left burning unattended at nightfall.

The lesson wasn't learned well, thus today's emphasis on insurance continuing education courses. The industry arose from the ashes of that second devastating London fire. What's the adage? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. There is no fool me thrice, or isn't supposed to be.

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