Insurance Continuing Education Programs

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Making the most of insurance continuing education programs means a great deal more than renewing your professional license on schedule. Using CE to move forward is also more than using seminars, published articles, or corporate training toward renewal. Keeping abreast of legislative evolution, fiscal policy changes, or the effect of the global realty of terror threats in commercial risk assessment are critical, yes. The pace of political and economic change gets faster, not slower.

Your perspective on the routine of earning credits toward extending your license to practice the same line of insurance--be it casualty or health or auto--may be just that, that it is routine. You've worked it smoothly enough into your already full calendar. Is this really where you're comfortable professional? Is it enough to have worked insurance continuing education programs into a role of, hmm, professional secretary who takes care of licensing logistics? You don't think so? I thought not.

Insurance Continuing Education Programs: Strategic Thinking

Both Napoleon and Hitler were not only defeated but ignominiously crushed in their attempts to invade Russia for the simplest of reasons. It was not the extreme cold of Russian winter. It was not a strong military force defending Moscow. Their strategic error, in the 19th century and again in the 20th, was that they didn't take changing conditions into account.

You'll be doing exactly the same with your career if you don't seize two opportunities. The first is the Internet and online learning. The second is the almost nationwide reciprocal credit sharing agreement among states. Those are your tools to turning insurance continuing education programs into a new line of insurance, a supplemental career direction, and rewarding breadth of expertise.

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