Insurance License Ce

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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In most U.S. states, you need to renew your professional license--usually with insurance license CE--every two years. That's far less onerous than it may sound. You take a vacation every year, don't you? Whether that's three weeks at a shot or broken up in one way or another, you make time for it. It's important to you, as well it should be. Let's be conservative and estimate two weeks--some 80 hours of working time.

The average requirement for insurance license CE credits is 15 per year, in courses, training, or seminars directly related to your specific line of insurance--whether marine, directors and officers, or homeowners, for example. It seems an only equitable price tag to weigh 15 hours of work against 80 hours of play. Think about it.

Insurance License CE: FAQ

The Internet and phenomenal spread of online learning has proved a wonderful convenience for professionals in many ways. Not the least of these are industry forums, global networking, and insurance license CE 24/7 from any location. You're not necessarily bound geographically to a classroom. Furthermore, most states--all but Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Florida--have signed onto a reciprocity agreement under which credits earned from an accredited institution in one state are valid in another.

What all this means is that earning your license credits is easier than it's ever been. You're free to take your course work wherever you go. You work at your own pace, with resources available whenever you need them. This might mean taking an hour or two while you're on vacation, for example.

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