Insurance Producer Ce

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The credits you'll earn from insurance producer CE classes will not only extend your license to sell insurance--whether disability, long term care, property and casualty, or automobile, for example--but give you the opportunity to branch out with your career. Sales earnings are often based on commission. You may find after a time that this isn't working out as well as you'd hoped or thought when you first opted in. Maybe you haven't taken to the selling aspect. Maybe it's just that this line of insurance isn't what you'd expected.

Insurance Producer CE: Built-in Flexibility

Not to worry--resolving the situation doesn't mean that you need to change careers altogether. The nature of insurance continuing education enables you to keep your options open and change course fairly easily. It's a matter of selecting insurance producer CE classes that also count towards either another line of insurance or another role within the industry. Perhaps the responsibilities of an insurance adjuster are more up your alley.

Thanks to the explosion of the Internet as a communications standard and the acceptance of online learning, your options are wide open with class offerings in insurance continuing education. While each of the 50 states governs the industry separately, requirements are gradually becoming more standardized nationwide.

Furthermore, all but three states have signed on to a continuing education reciprocity agreement, under which classes you take that are taught in New York, for example, count in your tally of credits for your license in Virginia. This broadens your choice of insurance producer CE courses rather dramatically, doesn't it? Preparing yourself for your new direction in insurance--whether underwriting or certified financial planning or marine liability--doesn't mean hoping you can find the classes that enable the switch, but instead finding the best classes.

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