Life Insurance Ce

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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For those in the insurance field, life insurance CE--CE being the acronym for continuing education--is a natural choice for a specialty. When you're younger, you find life insurance at best something to think about later. I certainly did. Odds are that only when you get closer to the half-century mark do you look life insurance in the face and think, "That's not a bad idea after all, is it?" Suddenly it's later.

As an insurance professional, you don't need that much time to appreciate this. The entire insurance profession focuses on staying abreast of developments in the field. That's the only way to do well in your career or advance it. Life insurance CE is no exception.

What to Learn in Life Insurance CE

Most life insurance courses focus on explaining the features, benefits, provisions, and purpose of life insurance policies. As an insurance agent you need to understand the circumstances that might indicate when it's time to reevaluate an existing policy. But life insurance is more than a simple death benefit policy.

Life insurance also has a role--especially for the policy holder--in business strategies, estate planning, executive bonus plans, and more. Once you complete a life insurance CE class or program, you'll be better poised to serve the policy holder. Your familiarity with what type of life insurance is best for particular circumstances, how to compare the costs of similar policies, and what factors influence the pricing of life insurance premiums will all stand you in good stead with your clients.

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