Long Term Care Continuing Education

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Are you looking for places to get those long term care continuing education credits you want to earn? If so, you have plenty of options. Just 10 years ago you were restricted to intensive--and expensive--one-day courses or weekend programs. If you were lucky, you lived near an accredited institution that offered the insurance programs you needed and wanted to take.

Online long term care continuing education makes getting the credits you need to renew your insurance license much easier than it was. Of course, the burden is still on you to make sure that the course you want to take is approved in your state. While both the federal and state legislation govern insurance, it's the state that has the say on the business of insurance, and Washington that governs the peripherals of the industry.

Fortunately online learning programs geared to insurance professionals are fully aware that, for example, a long term care continuing education class approved for Texas won't necessarily meet the requirements of California. These websites are set up to accommodate continuing education for quite a number of states. The catalog interface almost without exception presents their course offerings first by state and then by topic, rather than the reverse. There's no confusion.

Why Take Long Term Care Continuing Education Courses?

We hear every day that the baby boomers are getting older. They are, in fact, already in their 50s and 60s. Now matter how healthy, they're still staring down the barrels of the assisted living conundrum. It's in their future and not too far away. They're thinking about retirement and planning for it. It's up to you, as an insurance professional, to help these policy holders with their decisions in financial planning and long term care.

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