Michigan Insurance Continuing Education

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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State requirements in Michigan insurance continuing education include 30 hours of credits biannually. Fifteen of these credits must cover the specific line of insurance for which you as an agent are already licensed. Excess credits, unfortunately, may not be carried over from one period to the next.

Classes in Michigan insurance continuing education can be either self-study or in traditional classroom format. Courses may not be taken more than one time for credit in the biannual period. Fortunately, because Michigan participates in the reciprocal "credit sharing" agreement that began with states in the Midwest and has spread to include 47, you have a wide variety of classes and educational providers from which to choose. All you're responsible for is complying with state requirements for testing and meeting renewal dates.

The Oddity in Michigan Insurance Continuing Education

Michigan insurance continuing education compliance dates are determined by the last digit of the agent's license number (social security number) and the first letter of the agent's last name. It's a quaint but logical system. Last names from A through L renew in odd-numbered years, and M through Z renew in even.

The month dates come due on the first of the month that corresponds to the last digit of the license number. April and May are skipped. That is, if your license number ends in one, your renewal date is January 1. If it ends in three, the date is March 1. If it ends in four, the renewal date is June 1. If it ends in zero, the renewal date is December 1.

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