New York Insurance Continuing Education

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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New York insurance continuing education was affected early in 2004 by legislative changes not unlike those in a number of other states. All in all, the move is toward uniformity of insurance terminology, licensing requirements, and educational standards. For you as an insurance professional, this makes life easier. New York is especially rich in its continuing education offerings as well.

New York Insurance Continuing Education Summary

Course offerings in New York insurance continuing education fall under 14 topical categories. These include life, accident and health, annuities, property, casualty, financial guaranty, mortgage guaranty, title, ethics, management, accounting, financial planning, laws and regulations, and computer science. As many as 100 schools, organizations, or companies offer classes in New York insurance continuing education.

As a previously licensed insurance professional, you must take at least 15 credits during each two-year license period to qualify for license renewal. New York insurance credits cannot be carried over from one licensing period to another. On the bright side, however, there are no longer any required classroom hours. Classes may, of course, be taken in classroom settings but need not be. Self-study programs and online course work are increasingly popular because of their convenience.

Credits earned in approved course work at accredited organizations may be applied to more than one insurance license. This is a real plus. For example, life insurance classes count toward life consultant, agent, and broker licenses. Similarly, property and casualty credits can be applied toward a general consultant license, or a property/casualty agent, broker, or public adjuster license.

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