Ohio Insurance Continuing Education

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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You may, as a provider of insurance services, be interested in Ohio insurance continuing education for several reasons. The most obvious is that you're already a resident insurance agent. Another is that you're thinking about getting into the insurance field and want to learn more about the ongoing requirements once you pass that initial bar.

Ohio Insurance Continuing Education: the Basics

The state of Ohio's official provider for continuing education and licensing in insurance is a private company, Experior. Experior does not, however, offer, run, or recommend any course work. Neither does it set license requirements or decide whether a license valid in one state is valid in another. Experior--as it is very clear about up front--simply creates and gives examinations for certificates and licenses.

The examinations given for Ohio insurance continuing education by Experior are not web-based. They are given instead in a traditional classroom setting. They must be taken every two years. Insurance practitioners needing to re-up their license with Ohio insurance continuing education must complete 20 hours of state-approved course work before taking the Experior examination.

Three groups are exempt from this requirement. Agents who practice but don't live in Ohio and are in compliance with their home state are one group. Limited authority agents are another. Last but not least are those who've been granted formal (temporary) inactive status. Agents with title licenses need complete only 10 hours unless they hold that as well as a resident license. Bail bond agents must take 14 of the 20 hours in bail bond approved classes.

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