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Written by Ingrid Chen
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Countries like the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and other English-speaking countries experience an influx of immigrants to their countries each year, along with refugees, and even students. New arriving people from countries where English is not the native language must then learn how to understand and speak English while acclimating to a new culture, lifestyle, and social interaction.

Programs for non-speakers of English in and English speaking country are called English as a Second Language (ESL). For young ESL students, the transition may be quite challenging. Not only must they quickly learn the new language, but they may also have difficulty making friends in the beginning. Since ESL students may be from any country, speaking any kind of language not English, even the ESL students in one class may have little way to communicate together. Software can be a great way to engage students in learning, offer them the chance to work at their own pace, and expose them to the newest technology.

ESL Resources

For ESL students of all ages, many resources are available to assist in accelerating the language learning process. In classrooms, teachers use books, stories, and interactive exercises encouraging children to use English. Not only do the children improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, but they also become socialized with other children.

Many older students from other countries also arrive in English-speaking countries to attend college or a university. These students may have already had some exposure to English in their homeland, but have used it very little in life. Foreign students often enter ESL programs to develop fluency while attending classes. As additional language studying aides, these ESL students may choose to purchase software with listening exercises, grammar exercises, and written exercises. Software is extremely effective for language practice due to its interactive nature.

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