Foreign Films On Dvd

Written by Patty Yu
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Many student begin learning a foreign language starting in middle school and continue their studies through high school and even college. Although the brain has already passed its peak developmental stages for learning language, many students are still able to develop some level of fluency. Throughout their studies, students utilize books, workbooks, and oral exercises to improve their skills.

Some schools even offer immersion programs, which mean the coursework in the schools are taught in a foreign language, rather than teaching the foreign language as the subject. In immersion programs, students are more likely to become fluent in a second language, particularly if these programs are implemented in elementary school or earlier. Immersion programs may be completely comprehensive or only teach certain classes in the foreign language.

Foreign language students often have the opportunity to visit a foreign country that speaks the studied language natively. For instance, French students in high school may go on a chaperoned field trip to France, where they may experience firsthand some French culture and hear native speakers using the language. Colleges and universities also often have study-abroad programs with schools in other countries, where students spend a semester or a year in the foreign country while attending classes.

Foreign Films as a Language Resource

When learning a foreign language, it is often quite beneficial to watch foreign films shot in that language. Purchasing foreign films on VHS or DVD is easy and inexpensive, and it allows people to hear the language spoken fluently and in the native accent. Foreign film DVDs may also reveal a language's idioms and slang terms, which may not be taught in textbooks.

Popular movies are also a great way to engage students in learning. They can be used as a reward for positive class behavior or good test scores. For English-speaking students looking to learn other languages, following popular American movies can be a great help, since the students' knowledge of the plot provides the contextual scaffolding for the language learning.

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