Foreign Language Software

Written by Patty Yu
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Software packages are changing the way people learn new languages. The right software program can be like having a personal tutor, as students can revisit lessons until they are mastered and can often take tests and quizzes to gauge their progress. Also, because they can utilize text, graphics, sound and video, software represents the ultimate multimedia learning experience. As studies have shown, tapping into multiple learning modalities is the key to mastery. This is true of all ages, including children.

Since not all elementary schools teach foreign languages, many parents who wish to expose their children to a new language use other resources at home. Private tutoring is also always an option, but can be much more costly. For more affordable ways to introduce children--or themselves--to a foreign language, parents often turn to books, videos, and even computer software.

Very young children can learn greatly from watching foreign language videos. Watching videos, a child begins to hear and imitate sounds, which is how children learn language the best. Before age ten, children are most apt to learn a new language because their brains are working at the highest optimum ability to absorb new sounds. When the child is old enough to start reading, language picture books and language software are also excellent tools for practice.

Children and Computer Software

Many children grow up with a computer in the home these days and they are often quite proficient at using computers at an early age. Quite a bit of software is designed for children under age six, using animated characters and simple exercises to stimulate and teach. Not only do children learn from software, but they find playing on the computer fun and entertaining, making educational software and excellent tool for supplemental learning. However, if you are an adult looking for comprehensive and effective foreign language software, rest assured that there some excellent options out there, as the market has expanded tremendously in the last decade.

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