Language Learning Tapes

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Many of us as adults look back at our school days wondering what happened to those foreign language skills we developed in high school or college. Without practice, most of those skills fade over time, yet an interest to know another language might remain strong still. So what are the options available to those of us who want to develop some fluency in a foreign language?

Luckily, there are many resources available outside of school for adults and children alike to learn a second language. Some adults enroll in some type of private study, which can be terribly expensive. Others take classes at community college, which is affordable, but generally consists of short courses of study. Although having an instructor may seem the fastest way to learn, there are plenty of other options that are inexpensive.

By going to the library one can easily find foreign language books to aid in some home study. Some people do find however, that books are ineffective tools for aiding in pronunciation and listening. Many language books for purchase come with language learning tapes. Users listen to the language tapes as they follow in a workbook, which can be highly effective for improving both reading, speaking, and listening skills.

Language Learning Resources for Children

Young children are less able to benefit from language books due to limited reading comprehension. They do however, respond well to aural materials, such as language learning tapes. Better yet, combining aural with visual feedback, such as in a language learning video or DVD, is even more entertaining for a child. The more a child watches these videos, the more he or she will imitate the sounds heard from the program.

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