Teach English In Japan

Written by Rylee Newton
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Of all the Asian nations that seek ESL instruction, the demand is higher in Japan than anywhere else. As one of the world leaders in international trade, the ability to speak conversational English is very important to Japanese businessmen and citizens in general. English instruction is so popular there that they actually have something called "conversation lounges" where Japanese citizens pay to speak with native English speakers.

One of the most popular ways to find ESL work in Japan is to contact Japan's Exchange and Teaching Program. This is a government agency that specializes in placing teachers in junior high schools and senior high schools in Japan. Every year some 6,000 people find work through this program. Teachers are asked to sign a one year contract for these positions and will need certification.

Working with a Recruiting Company

Another way to find work in Japan is to contact an ESL recruitment company. These companies specialize in matching teachers with jobs throughout Japan and the rest of the world. One of the most popular recruiters is AEON International. This company looks for teaching positions in more than 250 different locations throughout Japan.

Some of the other recruitment companies include: Adler Recruiting Service, American Language School, and the Institute for Education in Japan. These companies offer one and two year contracts for ESL teachers. The best option is to find a job locator service (sometimes the agency that certified you can do this) that specializes in matching teachers with proper grade levels, and also works to find the highest possible pay for your level of expertise.

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