Career In Medical Transcription

Written by Sierra Rein
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A career in medical transcription is one of the great and often overlooked secrets of employment in the world. Some people have had 20 years or more experience, and will not trade it for the world. They know that they are a part of something larger than themselves, and understand that they do a great service to the medical world to keep the patient's health a priority.

Imagine that you visit a doctor's office and complete a full examination after experiencing a few pains in your body. After you leave, the doctor quickly picks up a voice recorder and dictates into it a full body diagnosis of your health, his considerations about how to treat the problem, and any notes he has on your case. This is the easiest way he knows on how to communicate his analysis easily and quickly, and he can rest at ease that the information has been fully recorded before he returns to the examination room for the next patient to arrive.

The Importance of a Career in Medical Transcription

What most people don't realize is that the ease of vocal recording is on the rise, and many doctors feel that this, and not handwriting, is the best way to note any medical conditions, prescriptions, and possible treatments for each patient. Especially in emergencies or times where a doctor needs to talk and use his hands with important matters, it is up to the medical transcription correspondence graduate to turn these audible notes into a word file. This file can then be computerized throughout the entire hospital system, printed, and turned into physical files that any authorized hospital staff member can pick up and read easily.

Thus, the important step that is passed into a MT's responsible hands is essential to the flow of information through a hospital or doctor's office. Proper training must insure that this responsibility is met by great typing skills, knowledge of proper medical terminology, and a great attitude. If you are interested in a career in medical transcription, visit the rest of the pages here at the Medical Transcription Resource, or contact a staff member at our recommended source for MT schooling for more information.

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