Degree Medical Transcription

Written by Sierra Rein
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As a medical employer first glances at possible MT staff members, the first thing she may try and find out is if any of them has a complete degree medical transcription training. This is the first sign of fully professionalism and full knowledge of the ins and outs of medical transcribing. It is also a great sign that the person understands the responsibilities of typing out doctor or nurse records, and how essential this is to a patient's health and well-being.

Hospital staffing departments do not want to spend their time going through potential MT's one by one and "audition" them in person to see if they are as professional as their resume says they are. A full degree medical transcription certificate is sometimes all they need to know about, especially if it comes from a highly reputable and respected school. Whether this is from an online medical transcription training program, or an in-house schooling one, most medical offices trust the professional stamp it gives.

Although Not Always Necessary, a Degree Medical Transcription Sometimes Makes the Deal

For example, let's say you have a resume that shows off a high typing score, incredible accuracy, and formidable testing grades all through your schooled training. This may be very good for you on paper, but it may not be enough if another person's resume shows up with similar scores AND a note declaring medical transcription certification. Even though a MT certificate is not necessary to become hired, it can make your high scores even more attractive to an employer, and put you on the top list for eligible new recruits.

The choice of where you go to train is therefore an extremely important one to make, so ask the schools that you are considering if they provide certification help after graduation. We have our recommended training site (linked to this page), whose graduates do well on The American Association for Medical Transcription certification program for CMT's (Certified Medical Transcriptionist). Ask about their CMT program, and you'll give yourself an extra edge once you have begun your journey as a professional medical transcriptionist.

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