Distance Nursing Education

Written by Norene Anderson
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Distance nursing education is taking healthcare training to a new level. While some training for nurses must be done in a clinical setting, many of the required courses for advancing from an Associate Degree in nursing to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing can be done via the Internet. Many colleges and universities are offering courses through video conferencing and courses online to facilitate the busy schedules of most healthcare workers.

One method of providing distance nursing education involves the student, a preceptor, and the faculty member. The instructor communicates with the student by phone, email, and chat room. Teachers for distance education are often the same teachers in the on-campus classroom. There are some colleges and universities, however, which hire teachers specifically for distance education courses.

Consider Distance Nursing Education

Before enrolling in a school for distance education, be sure to check out the accreditation of the school and the credentials of the faculty. You want to avoid any appearance of a site offering education or training without legitimate educational curriculum. If you have any doubt, you can always contact your state's board of nursing department and ask if there is any known issue with the school.

Another way to make certain you are getting acceptable distance nursing education is to check the accrediting association. Some associations are good only on paper and are not recognized by the state board for licensure. If the criteria do not meet the standard required for licensure, you do not want to spend your time and money for a degree.

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