Journal Of Nursing Education

Written by Norene Anderson
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The Journal of Nursing Education is a compilation of articles both original and new for nursing educators. It covers a variety of nursing programs at all levels. The Journal provides help for facilitating learning and stimulating research in the area of nursing. Many of the editorial staff are doctorate level registered nurses. Others are registered nurses with a doctorate in education.

This journal covers information from all areas of nursing from a variety of international origins including Britain and Australia. Electronic journals make it possible for information to be shared with countries around the world. They bring together contributions from the greatest minds in nursing from every specialty in a variety of communities.

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Studies have shown that even though the three routes to becoming a registered nurse require passing the same exam, there is a difference in the level of job performance of the baccalaureate degreed nurses. The in-depth study of the advanced courses in nursing adds a dimension that the Associate Degree in Nursing and diploma nurses do not possess.

The role of the registered nurse is changing as the demands for more managed care take control. The Journal of Nursing Education is an excellent tool for staying informed on the very latest issues in nursing as well as the latest techniques. Medical technology is advancing rapidly and nurses must be informed and trained to provide cutting edge care to all patients.

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