Learning Medical Transcription

Written by Sierra Rein
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If a group of professional MT's are asked how their experience was learning medical transcription, most of them would probably say that it was one of the most challenging, but rewarding things they could have done. As a MT myself, I would venture to say that it was the best gift I could give to myself and to my family. It was physically easy to take the proper steps to become a medical transcriptionist, and as the school I chose helped me every step of the way, my mental journey through the medical transcription terminology was not a strain either.

I chose the simple way to learn medical transcription through a certified online course, managed by one of the leading MT school sites. I set up my home as a second office, separate from my current job, and studied when I wasn't at work or taking care of my child. On these off hours, I took typing tests, increased my understanding of English grammar, and memorized the spelling, meaning, and roots of medical terms.

The Best Aspect of Learning Medical Transcription: Do it at Your Own Pace

The average time it takes for an online MT student is 9 months, taking about 3-5 hours a day to study. You can take a shorter or longer time period, depending on your personal schedule, and graduate when you feel sufficiently trained in all the aspects of being a professional. You can also concentrate on a section of the training (whether it's typing, grammar, or the terminology) which you perhaps feel you are lacking in, until you feel you are a master.

Finding a great school to help you in learning medical transcription doesn't have to take a long time. Many online schools display their curriculum, guidelines, and expectations of the course on their websites so you can easily see what they have to offer in a glance. Check out our featured online source for this training, or call your local hospital for their recommendation.

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