Lvn To Rn

Written by Rachel Arieff
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LVN to RN is a commonly offered nursing program for licensed vocational nurses who want to bolster their nursing credentials in order to enhance their field of expertise, increase their job opportunities, and command higher salaries in their nursing careers. Licensed vocational nurses, also sometimes called licensed practical nurses, have technical nursing training but do not have university degrees.

These nurses are equipped to offer basic medical care to patients, but are among the most limited of all nursing careers. Not surprisingly, they also command lower salaries. For many nurses, LVN/LPN certification constitutes only the beginning of a nursing career. The benefit of starting as an LVN is that it offers interested people the chance to experience a nursing career without sinking quite as much time and money into the initial training.

LVN to RN: Opportunities and Decisions

Neither does LVN certification require a general undergraduate university degree, such as a B.A. or B.S. This opens up many possibilities for people who haven't had the benefit of a four-year college education. Indeed, for many people from all walks of life, LVN programs represent a great opportunity to build an exciting and rewarding career.

Once arrived as an LVN, some people inevitably decide that nursing isn't for them, and leave the profession. Others are content to continue on as LVNs, while still others decide to move farther ahead in their nursing careers by completing the more advanced educational requirements to become a registered nurse (RN) or an advanced nurse practitioner (AVN). In each of these cases, the initial opportunity as an LVN plays a crucial role in their future career decisions.

Another factor is the amount of study required. The reading loads of nursing students are often unrealistically large, which is what deters many candidates. If you love nursing, but are overwhelmed by the reading load, you might want to look for manuals which condense the larger text. Much like an intensive summary, this type of manual can be a real life saver, not to mention a time saver.

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