Medical Spellcheckers

Written by Norene Anderson
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Medical spellcheckers are an absolute must for all medical transcriptionists. This is the quickest way to find the correct spelling of a word or to make sure the typed report is without error. It is easy to make a spelling mistake when rapidly typing the dictated reports. Many words are spelled using diacritical markings and a spell checker will catch these and make the corrections.

It is easy to install and use medical spellcheckers. Most are compatible with all the common word processing programs and integrate seamlessly for instant use. The typical program includes abbreviations, symbols, eponyms, and acronyms. Pharmaceutical terms are also included. A book to contain a half million terms relating to the wide scope of the medical profession would be too heavy and cumbersome to use. A handheld spell checker is also available. It is quick and easy to locate the correct spelling of over 150,000 medical terms.

Medical Spellcheckers for Medical Transcriptionists

Some companies offer a breakdown of medical spellcheckers into smaller programs that are more specific. This separates the pharmaceutical from the medical or the biotech spell checker. A dental spell checker is also available. Some of the spell checker programs have a definition attached to the word, others offer only the correct spelling.

One of the first things a medical transcription training school does is put the student in touch with a good spell checker for medical terminology. Even the most proficient transcriptionists will come across a word they question and will need a great reference tool to make sure of the correct spelling. These are easily found online and there are many to consider. Perfection is the only way to work with medical terms safely.

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