Medical Transcription Certification

Written by Sierra Rein
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Medical transcription certification is a very important step to take if one wants to become a professional MT, especially for the higher paying transcriptionist brackets. The designation of a Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) is awarded by the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT) to those who show competence and practicality on written examinations. As in other job descriptions, becoming certified shows off a high degree of skill, great listening and typing skills, and professionalism.

Once this level is achieved, a CMT is encouraged by the medical community to get re-certified every few years or so. This is to ensure that any new medical terminology (which are constantly evolving) is learned and fully studied. A new (and quick) medical transcription education process can be easily finished once continuing credits are earned.

What Medical Transcription Certification Can Do for You

In the professional medical world, you want to have as professional an outlook as possible, right? If a fantastic medical transcription opportunity comes your way, you want to be the most attractive applicant for the job, and certification can put you way ahead of the game. As a CMT, you can also be paid more hourly or by the page, and be able to make more important decisions for YOUR life.

One of these decisions may be to start your own medical transcription business, and become a self employed entrepreneur! Many people, especially those located where MT's are not easily available, can take their medical transcription certification and make their own service available for local medical offices, doctors, and other medical businesses. Become your own boss, set your own hours and work, and even staff your own CMT's...all these are a possibility when you become a certified medical transcriptionist.

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