Medical Transcription From Home

Written by Sierra Rein
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With a nationwide shortage of MT's today, it is no wonder that companies have been happy to grant people the right to train and perform medical transcription from home. Even with the upcoming voice recognition technology on the rise, the transcribing job market is projected to expand more than the average career. Voice-generated reports still have mistakes and misspellings - especially in the medical field - which need to be edited and checked by human eyes!

The ability to perform medical transcription at home has become a perfect solution for many people who struggle with their schedule and want to have more freedom in their lives. Perhaps a new mother wants to spend time with her newborn but do some great part-time, well-paid work on the side. Stories of some women transcriptionists tell of a woman working up until she went into labor, then resuming her typing two weeks afterwards.

How to Learn to Do Medical Transcription From Home

The great news is that, while there are in-house schools that give you in-person training, you can learn how to become a fully certified MT in your house. Set up your bedroom as an office, or make a corner of the living room a professional transcriptionist's area, with a computer, medical dictionary, and a simple stereo or tape player to start. The only thing you will need to change once you become fully certified is to purchase a professional transcriber, a machine which allows you to stop, rewind, play, and fast-forward with your foot.

You will then be sent real tapes through the mail or digital audio files over the Internet to listen to, type out, and correct any grammar or medical terminology. Send the formatted reports back to the hospital or medical facility, and be paid by the page! The medical transcription from home option is a fantastic and easy way to gain independence from your clock and calendar, and do appreciated work at great pay, so contact a school for medical transcription now through the pages here.

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