Medical Transcription Home Study

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are dragging your heels regarding the application of yourself into some sort of new career, perhaps you've never considered doing a medical transcription home study course. Thousands of students have created new lives for themselves with a new skill that is easy to learn and a great source of income. The freedom which comes with both the course and the job itself can't be beat as well.

When I first started to research about medical transcription home study, I had a job with very irregular hours. This did not help me in the great scheme of things when dealing with other schools which had set class schedules which often conflicted with my own. Being able to choose my own study hours at my own pace and in the comfort of my own home seemed like the perfect answer, so I immediately decided to call a medical transcription class to learn more about it.

How Medical Transcription Home Study Works

All you need to start is the course guideline and audio cassette tapes, a medical dictionary, a tape player, and a computer. After going through a typing skill level, you will be guided through study in English and medical grammar, learn physiology and anatomy terms and how to type in all the information heard on the tape into a formal report. At each level, a test will judge how well you have learned each skill, and a final test will allow you to receive your certification.

Thus, even from your own office desk at home, you can listen to the tapes and learn how to do medical transcription work from home. You will then be able to contact potential job offers, or perhaps start your own medical transcription company and create your own clientele. With your schedule in your own control, you can do more with your life and have fun with a brand new career!

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