Medical Transcription Machines

Written by Norene Anderson
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Learning to use medical transcription machines is probably the hardest part of the training to become a medical transcriptionist. It requires the development of a coordinated style of communication between the foot, brain, and typing speed. The speed of the tape or digital playback should be set at a pace comfortable for typing. It takes a lot of practice to learn to pace the typing with the dictation.

Some medical transcription machines are easier to use than others are. Most of them can be set to repeat the last word or phrase. This keeps you aware of where you are so you do not miss a sentence in the dictation. The key is to play the recording only as far as you can hold in your brain to type and stop the playback while you type. Catching the last phrase lets you know you are up with the dictation.

A Change in Medical Transcription Machines

Sometimes it is necessary to repeat a phrase several times to be sure about it. When this happens, it really pays to have one of the medical transcription machines that can be tuned to accent the highs or lows in the voice recording. This will often clear up the recording enough to have a clear enunciation of the dictation. An excellent quality headset is a great advantage for hearing difficult dictations.

Medical transcription is turning a corner with the latest technology in digital recording and voice recognition software. Transcription is now being done digitally and this requires a computer capable of rapid file transfer. It must also have the ability to provide secure encryption for all data transfer. Technology is advancing rapidly and the medical transcription business has been a recipient of some of the change.

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