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Written by Sierra Rein
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This site, the Medical Transcription Resource, has become very personal to me. To understand this, let me tell you a bit about the medical transcription program which I went through to start my career as a professional MT (Medical Transcriptionist). At first, I was a bit hesitant, especially since I did not live near a school that I could drive to in person, so the only option was to learn the occupation by myself at home.

I was initially attracted to the idea of becoming a MT because it allowed me to learn specialized medical terminology, gave me the freedom to work at home if I wished, and the ability to control my hourly pace per day. Many of the pages here at the Medical Transcription Resource refer to the successful ability for people to live their own lives without the stress of adhering to a scheduled 9 to 5 job which so many people deal with, but few can live in with any comfort. For myself in particular, I didn't want to miss a day without spending some time with my child as she was growing up, so I was in constant search for something that could free my day's schedule up.

The Nature of Learning to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

A professional MT is in charge of taking the audio of dictated notes from doctors, veterinarians, morticians, day care and elderly care staff and typing them up into a fully formatted report. Each report is labeled with a patient number and is then added to a patient file. A transcriptionist's speed in typing these reports and ability in making sure all the grammar and medical terminology is correct is thus an incredibly important and selected job to have.

After a little research online, I quickly learned that it was easily feasible to learn medical transcription on my own and in my house. I set aside a corner of my living room for a desk, my computer, and my home stereo to start, and then stacked my guidebooks, workbooks, and a medical dictionary close by. On my hours off from my regular job, I studied the courses set for me on an online website, taking practice lessons by listening to mailed practice tapes, and memorized medical terminology that I would have never thought I could touch a few months previously.

The Outcome of My Medical Transcription Program!

Because of my hectic schedule, I was able to graduate from the online course in 10 months, and begin looking for employers to hire me for my first job. The online site was incredibly helpful in this area as well, contacting and referring me to hospitals and doctor's offices until one looked at my scores and agreed to begin sending me digital files which I would need to transcribe. I put some money into a digital controller (keeping the receipt as a tax deductible item), which allowed me to fast-forward, play, and rewind digital audio on my computer just like a cassette transcriber.

I felt like a true professional, and I realized that doctors are dictating at a dizzying pace, always keeping my work flow steady and exciting. As cassette tape recorders were slowly being replaced by digital recorders and voice mail phone systems, the work began to change into the digital world and began to be emailed to me. The faster and more accurately I typed, the more I was increasing my reputation as a top MT, and I became an essential staff member of the hospital, even though I was able to do my work in my pajamas if I wanted to!

My New Lease on Life Began, and The Medical Transcription Resource Was Created

I created the Medical Transcription Resource to help others who seem stuck in their work to consider the option of becoming a medical transcriptionist, and to begin to take control of their work situation. I am now able to do things, like going to my child's soccer game at 3 p.m. in the afternoon or taking a longer lunch break to read the paper as I ate on my kitchen table, that I could have never done at my old job. The options have broken wide for me, and the more I tell others about my new reign on life, the more they have become interested in achieving medical transcription certification.

So, take a look through the pages of the Medical Transcription Resource and see if this kind of life is attractive to you. Your life could change for the better, as mine has. If you have any questions regarding medical transcribing, or how to train to become a professional MT, please don't hesitate to contact the recommended MT site, courtesy of the Medical Transcription Resource site.

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