Medical Transcription Software

Written by Norene Anderson
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Medical transcription software is constantly being improved to provide quicker and easier transcription of the dictated report. Medical terminology and phrases come with some of the software packages designed specifically for medical transcription. This allows the information to be loaded into your word processor for easy access and word correction suggestions.

Word expansion is another medical transcription software highlight available. This cuts the actual typing strokes down considerably. It works by using keystrokes or abbreviations to tell the computer to type out certain phrases. It is similar to macros in most word processing programs, but it is designed for medical terminology and common phrases. With this program, you could type "ASAP" and the computer would automatically input "as soon as possible" in its place.

Medical Transcription Software to Consider

Using the shortcuts for medical abbreviations is a great way to increase your speed and to assure the production of an error-free document. Most transcriptionists work with documents that are basically the same with minor variations. Very few medical practices cover a large number of specialties. This causes them to become familiar with certain phrases that are used repeatedly. A shortcut to the phrase will greatly enhance the typing skills of the transcriber.

Medical transcription software is available to convert digital voice recorded dictation to print using voice recognition software. This is the latest technology to hit the market for transcription services. The physician can dictate into a handheld digital recorder, upload the voice data to a server, and the transcriptionist can play the recording into the program. The entry can be observed on the screen and corrections can be made as the interpretation of the dictation is occurring.

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