Medical Transcription Terminology

Written by Sierra Rein
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By the time you become a certified MT, you will realize that you have learned quite a lot of medical transcription terminology. This starts at the process of learning the common terms you will use in your new professional career, in order to recognize and type specific concepts in anatomy, physiology and disease with ease. These include (but are not limited to) the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, reproductive, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, brain and central nervous, and the sense systems.

Medical words derive their roots from the Latin and Greek languages, which contain unique rules essential for members of the medical community to know. As a MT, you must learn the roots of medical transcription terminology and understand the prefixes, root-words, and suffixes that make up each word. Of course, medical transcription terminology is useless in dictation unless you know how to pronounce these often difficult words, so a good medical transcription program will include pronunciation tapes to help you audibly as well as visually recognize and define terms.

How Important is it to Learn Medical Transcription Terminology?

Very, as many doctors, hospital nurses, and most patients will tell you. With just a simple slip of the keyboard, misspelling an odd term here or omitting an important word here, a patient's diagnosis will be incorrectly placed in his or her file, potentially changing his or her physical report to something that is in some way untrue to life. This could endanger the person's life if he or she is not treated for something they have, or treated for something they actually don't have.

Thus, your study in medical terminology and how to recognize them on a recording is vital as you become closer to certification. Indeed, many companies require that their transcriptionists take credit courses every few years to learn all the new terms that have been created since their last study, in order to be as fully up to date as possible. For more medical transcription information, please visit our recommended sister site on MT training.

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