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Written by Rachel Arieff
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NCLEX is an abbreviation for the National Council Licensure Examination. Anyone who hopes to become a registered nurse must pass this exam created by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, or NCSBN. This test is difficult, comprehensive, and, not surprisingly, requires a great deal of preparation in order to pass. Understandably, many nursing students worry about passing this exam, spending many weeks, months, or even years studying for it.

Ironically, what often inadvertently adds to the anxiety around taking the NCLEX are the study materials themselves. NCLEX study manuals can be extremely long, bewildering, and intimidating to students preparing for the NCLEX. In fact, some nursing students become so intimidated by the study materials that they lose confidence altogether. They may postpone their test dates and even, in some cases, abandon their studies altogether.

The New NCLEX Preparation Materials

A great mass of information isn't helpful in the long run if it isn't logically organized for optimum learning. Instead, it just becomes confusing, mind numbing, and even frightening. Today's nursing students come from all walks of life, many with already demanding schedules and lives. Many are single parents with full- or part-time jobs, which are challenging enough circumstances in themselves.

Fortunately, a new breed of NCLEX study materials has come along that fits right into the busy lifestyle of hardworking nursing students. These study guides accurately condense hundreds of pages of information into a fraction of the quantity. The user friendliness of these new study materials makes studying for the NCLEX a less painful and more productive process.

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