Nursing Continuing Education Seminars

Written by Norene Anderson
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The busy lifestyle of most working people makes it difficult to take time off for nursing continuing education seminars. Thanks to the technology available, the seminar can come to you. Streaming audio offers access to many seminars providing nurses the same quality information that is offered for those in physical attendance.

Following the manual as you listen and observe the seminar speakers will give you the feeling of interacting with the classroom. Online video will show the same presentations that are seen by those in actual attendance. An advantage to online video is the option to repeat a portion of the lecture if something is not understood completely.

Attending Nursing Continuing Education Seminars Online

The introduction of HIPAA has mandated everyone in the healthcare industry to attend seminars and workshops to learn the intricate details of this legislation. It impacts the way every aspect of healthcare is performed from the receptionist at the physician's office to the nurses on the floor. Violation of any of the rules can result in a hefty fine. For this reason, nursing continuing education seminars everywhere have been available to cover this topic.

Documentation and charting are two very popular subjects for nursing seminars. Many hospitals and clinics are making the transition to electronic medical records. This requires educating the staff how to appropriately enter the patient information and how to access the required information. Since everything entered becomes a part of the patient's permanent medical record, it must be done accurately and according to HIPAA guidelines for confidentiality.

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