Nursing Education Funding

Written by Norene Anderson
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Nursing education funding comes from a variety of sources. Many state governments are getting actively involved in allocating funding to make a difference in the shortage of nurses across the country. This is done in hopes of increasing the interest in healthcare by those entering the schools of higher learning.

Another motive behind nursing education funding is to offer the opportunity for RNs to advance from an Associate Degree in Nursing to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Studies have shown that nurses with higher levels of education are more productive and less likely to make errors. This makes providing funding for higher education a cost-effective and life-saving effort.

Finding Nursing Education Funding Sources Online

Regardless of the length of time a nurse has been in practice, nursing is a life of learning. The use of new techniques and equipment keeps continuing education a necessity. Governmental acts changing the responsibilities and staffing requirements place obligations on the nurse to be equipped to fulfill the patient care needs while fulfilling the documentation demands. As laws change, the nurse must be educated to be able to fully comply.

Many nurses cannot afford to take time away from work to go back to school full time. The option of online study makes nursing education available for anyone with access to the Internet. Funding is available from many places for those meeting the requirements. It is vital to stay informed and on the cutting edge of nursing education. Many online sites offer the opportunity to advance your degree or obtain the required continuing nurse education credits to keep up with the rapidly changing medical community.

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