Nursing Education Grants

Written by Norene Anderson
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Nursing education grants are available from a variety of sources. The shortage of nurses in many states has prompted higher education foundations to offer grants in an effort to enroll more students in the area of nursing. Many healthcare facilities and organizations have joined in the effort to increase enrollment, improve the retention of students, and increase the pass rate for licensure.

Grants made to schools of higher education can be used for enhancing the nursing programs already in existence. The general purpose of grants is to facilitate the education of healthcare professionals in a way that will meet the demands of quality service by nurses and other healthcare workers. Many large foundations offer grants for nursing education in a variety of disciplines.

Recipients of Nursing Education Grants

Nursing education grants are also available through many institutions of higher learning for students with financial difficulty. Some schools have hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money available for distribution to students on the verge of dropping out of studies because they no longer can afford the cost of education. The nursing shortage is so critical in some areas that it is possible to get a full grant for education if certain criteria are met.

For students anticipating the need for a grant to complete the educational requirements to becoming a registered nurse, it is imperative that the grade point average is maintained at the highest possible level. Often GPA is considered along with the financial need in the qualification for educational grant money. Proof of financial need will require records of income for the previous year and may require records of parental income.

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