Nursing Materials

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Nursing materials consist of the books and other learning materials used in nursing schools. These include textbooks, study guides, and professional nursing manuals. They also encompass references used by practicing nurses in the field. These materials can be, and often are, the same for both situations.

Depending on how long ago one attended nursing school, however, a certain amount of information in those textbooks--from interventions, to recommended medications, to management plans--inevitably becomes outdated. This is always an area of concern for practicing nurses. Since the consequences of not keeping up can be disastrous, nurses must always be vigilant about the currency of their reference materials.

The Importance of Current Nursing Materials

All one has to do is read the newspaper to understand how quickly shifting the landscape of the medical field is. A treatment that's popular today may be rejected tomorrow as insufficient or even unsafe. Recently, the medications themselves have been most dramatic in these shifts. For instance, several well-known and widely prescribed medications were pulled from the market due to safety concerns.

It's the nurse's responsibility to keep up with these developments, or risk endangering one's patients as well as one's career. No nurse wants to be the one prescribing recalled drugs due to an out-of-date nursing manual. Yet that is precisely what can happen--and in fact has happened, in several unfortunate incidences. The best insurance against prescribing unsafe drugs, or designing inadequate nursing care plans, is to regularly update one's nursing materials to ensure that they contain accurate information that busy nurses can count on. Having manuals in which the necessary information is easy to find is equally crucial, making condensed manuals some of the best options out there.

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