Occupational Therapist Careers

Written by Tara Peris
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Occupational therapist careers are gaining popularity as people recognize the important contributions of these medical practitioners. Whether treating children with developmental delays or people recovering from a serious accident, these are the folks who really help you to put life back together. Specifically, they teach the functional skills that give life meaning.

The ability to perform adaptive daily living skills, commonly referred to as ADLs, is something we take for granted. Brushing our teeth, buttoning our clothes, and feeding ourselves are things we hardly remember learning. That is, they are forgotten until injury reminds us of how streamlined and mechanized many of our routine actions have become.

The Value of Occupational Therapist Careers
When we are injured, we are forced to focus on every little movement and skill that goes into the most simple task. Indeed, we gain a whole new appreciation of the amazing instruments are bodies are. At the same time, during the recovery process, we are humbled by their inability to do as told.

This is where an occupational therapist becomes an invaluable resource. This is the person who will assess where you are at, and which skills need rehabilitation. They will then be taught in a compassionate and manageable fashion. If this type of medical practice appeals to you, consider looking into occupational therapist careers today.

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