Pc Microphones

Written by Norene Anderson
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PC microphones are designed in two basic configurations. One is the omni directional and the other is the unidirectional microphone. Each has its unique features to enhance voice communication for Internet voice chat or video conferencing. The intended purpose is vital to determine before purchasing a microphone to use with your computer. The purpose will also determine if a desktop microphone is appropriate or if a more defined lapel or collar microphone is needed.

An omni directional PC microphone should provide a distinct, clear voice for chatting or other multimedia use. This is the type of microphone often used for voice command or educational software interaction. Many of the PC microphones are designed to be mounted on the monitor. This is convenient for use when engaged in Internet gaming. Freedom to move about within certain limits and still be heard is important whether you are chatting, playing, or recording a message.

More Types of PC Microphones

The unidirectional microphone filters the noise from the background to deliver the clearest sound possible for the various applications requiring voice input. This microphone is usually equipped with a variety of possibilities for mounting. This is necessary to place the microphone in direct proximity to the speaker for the best clarity of voice reception. The unidirectional is the best option for use by physicians to dictate medical reports.

Some PC microphones are made in combination with a stereo headset. This places the microphone immediately at the origin of speech and makes a clear production free of background noise. Prices for microphones are as varied as the specifications and features. A quick search online will give the option to compare features, prices, and placement of many microphones designed specifically for use with the computer.

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