Pharmacy Technician Certification

Written by Tara Peris
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Pharmacy technician certification is an excellent way to give yourself exposure to the pharmaceutical aspects of the medical field. You will learn about dosage and handling of medications, and will also learn to interact with and educate patients about their medicines. At the end of the certification process, you will emerge with a broad, but well-honed set of skills that are sure to be of use in many medical settings.

A pharmacy is a vital and exciting place. Although most of us grumble about long lines and unbearable waits, medicines arrive and are dispensed at a remarkable rate of speed. Thus, it is critical that the staff who man the pharmacy are well-trained in counting, monitoring, and managing medications.

Things to Know About Pharmacy Technician Certification
The ability to manage multiple orders at once, to check for possible drug interactions, and to educate patients about their medicines forms the backbone pharmacy technician courses. A mistake in any one of these areas could be catastrophic, so attention to detail is a must. With comprehensive training, and ample practice, people who get certified enter the field prepared to keep up with its break-neck pace.

If you think you are interested in working in a pharmacy environment, a job as a technician may be right for you. Look online to learn about what pharmacy technician certification requires, and about educational opportunities exist in your area. There are ample job opportunities available to those with proper training.

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