Written by Norene Anderson
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VoiceScribe is a transcription system used in conjunction with Voiceware by medical transcriptionists to transcribe dictation from a variety of sources. It is versatile in the ability to capture voice dictation. The source can be a dictation machine, a handheld digital recorder, or other computerized patient record systems. The sound quality is great. With total foot pedal control, playback is easy to pace with typing speed.

VoiceScribe is a simple program to install. Access to a nine-pin serial port is necessary for the foot pedal. Headphone use requires plugging into the sound card or the speaker jack. The voice files are automatically decompressed and played by manipulating the foot pedal. Any word processor will work with this program. After the report is finished, it is returned to the dictator's computer.

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It is possible to sort the reports to be transcribed by a variety of topics such as subject, date, number, and other criteria. Workflow management is crucial to producing reports in a timely manner. Speech recognition and digital recording is quickly taking the medical transcription to a new level. The advantages of rapid report generation are beneficial to all areas of the medical practice.

More information is available on the Internet about VoiceScribe and the advantages it offers for the advancement of medical transcription techniques. Technological advancement is crucial to the medical community to keep pace with the rest of the world. Enhancing medical record production and preservation is a vital part of the change to move forward. Voice proofing is a possibility for the transcriptionist or the dictator once the report is returned.

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