Wav Pedals

Written by Norene Anderson
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WAV pedals are used to manipulate the files for transcription. The WAV files are generated from digital voice recorders and the playback is transcribed with the use of a headset device for listening and a foot control. The length of the replay can be adjusted with the foot to keep pace with the typing speed. The control to rewind or fast forward are just a foot tap away from the control to play. The hands never have to leave the keyboard.

The speed of the dictation is easy to control with the software programs available to install WAV pedals. Some of the applications can be programmed to automatically open the word processor when the program loads. This sets the medical transcriptionist up for work quickly by simplifying the number of programs that must be loaded manually.

Specifics about WAV Pedals

Outstanding sound quality and pitch control adjustments are two things that should be included in the software with WAV pedals. It is often necessary to adjust the sound to understand the dictation of some physicians. The foot pedals are designed for two types of connection: USB and Serial. You need to know which one your computer uses before you order one. Make sure it will work on your system.

There are memory availability requirements to run the program efficiently and without slowing down the system. The sound card must be a certain quality to produce the sound properly. A specified amount of free disk space is required to run the program and store the files. Before buying accessories for your computer, be sure to check the requirements and see if your computer measures up to the minimum standards.

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