Mortgage and Loan Education

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Mortgage Education

Written by Dana Hinders
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As a loan officer, part of your responsibility will be to provide mortgage education to your clients. Most of the clients who pass through your office won't know which loan product will best meet their needs. They are relying on your knowledge of the lending process to help them find a suitable loan.

A list of websites with applicable information, a flyer with answers to frequently asked questions, or a brochure with definitions of commonly used lending terms are some of the methods you can use to help educate buyers on the mortgage process. Consider these items to be part of your overall marketing efforts. Make sure they are professional looking and feature your contact information in a prominent location. Encourage your current clients to pass these materials along to family and friends who may be interested in obtaining a home loan.

Hosting informational seminars is another way to educate buyers and provide leads for future sales. Seminars can be targeted to first-time home buyers or homeowners looking to refinance their current mortgages. You can develop the seminar curriculum yourself or purchase the content from another source.

Tailoring Content for Specific Types of Buyers

Your mortgage education efforts will be more successful if you customize your content according to the needs of specific demographic groups. People have different concerns about obtaining a mortgage loan according to their ages, income levels, and employment history. Younger borrowers are often eager to learn about the mortgage process, but may have a limited credit history and little or no available down payment. Borrowers with established credit histories, high incomes, and low expenses will often view their homes as an investment in their futures.

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