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Mortgage Speakers

Written by Dana Hinders
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Several different companies offer expert speakers who will share their knowledge of mortgage banking with other loan officers. Speakers typically hold a number of professional certifications and have several years of work experience. They often specialize in one area of mortgage lending, such as sub-prime loans, ethics, or fraud prevention. Speakers are widely recognized as leaders in their chosen profession.

Speakers' bureaus often book their experts for speaking engagements several months in advance. Fees for a speaker's services will vary according to his or her level of expertise. Speakers are most often hired by mortgage brokerages, commercial banks, credit unions, and other employers looking to provide their loan officers with in-house training. In some cases, a speaker's presentation may fulfill a state's continuing education licensing requirements.

A mortgage speaker's presentation offers several advantages over other forms of continuing education. Unlike correspondence courses, a mortgage speaker is available to offer instant feedback and provide answers to your questions. While a training video can provide useful information, a speaker can customize his or her presentation to fit the needs of a particular audience. Hiring a mortgage speaker is also more convenient than traveling to attend a training seminar.

Becoming a Mortgage Speaker

For experienced loan officers, becoming a member of a speakers' bureau can be a great career building opportunity. Speakers have the opportunity to network with other professionals in addition to developing an extra source of income. Earning professional certifications, completing an advanced degree, or writing articles for a trade publication can help make you a more desirable speaker by establishing your reputation as an expert in a particular area.

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