California Music Production Schools

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Programs at California music production schools emphasize a wide range of skills and techniques required in the studio. These schools prepare students for careers as studio engineers, assistant engineers, studio managers, production coordinators, and producers, all of whom have somewhat different job descriptions. All, however, work together in service of the artist to produce the best recording possible.

Choosing the best California music production school for you is a function of what role you'd most like to play. If your natural skills are in bringing together the disparate creative and financial elements of the recording process, you may be a producer in the making. On the other hand, maybe you've shown a predilection for running sound boards and mixing tracks, in which case a career as a recording engineer or production coordinator may be better.

Courses through California Music Production Schools

Good California music production schools boast a wide enough assortment of classes to keep even the most ambitious students challenged. There are courses in production for visual art, remixing, acoustics, and advance recording techniques. You'll also find concentrations in audio principles, multitrack recording, and sound reinforcement. A stellar education requires most music engineers to have more than a passing familiarity with each of these.

You'll also discover some music schools that encourage their aspiring engineers to master an instrument as well. The vast majority of engineers already play a smattering of guitar, keyboards, and drums, if only because these are these tools with which they work each day. It's important to be able not only to work the console, but to communicate with artists in a meaningful way, which is why so many California music production schools maintain this requirement.

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