Guitar Major Scales

Written by Joy MacKay
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Guitar major scales are eight-note scales that begin in a major key. For instance, when you hear to someone refer to a song written in "C," "D," or "A," these are just a few examples of major keys favored for guitar songs. When you learn the guitar major scales, you have all the notes and chords you need to play along yourself.

Reasons for Learning the Guitar Major Scales

If you're thinking about starting a band, you'll definitely need to know the guitar major scales. Few people can ever successfully songwrite without these building blocks intact first. Guitar major scales can be used and varied even in the middle of a song--if you turn on the radio today to hear a guitar soloist of any kind, you're likely to hear at least one variant scale used in a solo.

Sometimes, you might realize that you have an excellent ear for playing guitar. Perhaps you hear a song on the radio and can figure out the notes. This is an exceptional gift, but still cannot replace the need for knowing guitar major scales.

For years, I played guitar without any real training. Finally, I learned the guitar major scales by using a simple guitar scales chart. Suddenly, I was able to read music, and accompany my nephew's children's chorus on the guitar. You too can benefit from formal guitar training with guitar major scales charts.

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