Los Angeles Guitar Lessons

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Los Angeles guitar lessons are about as easy to find as struggling actors, though the former are likely to teach you more than the latter. Walk into any Hollywood-area coffee shop or cafe and you'll find fliers posted by musicians offering guitar lessons. You might have to weed through all the vacant apartment listings and massage therapy offers, but they're up there, usually on a fringed 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.

The reason it's so easy to come by Los Angeles guitar lessons is simple: the town is crawling with performers, teachers, producers, and self-taught prodigies, many of whom are looking for a way to supplement their gigging income. Anyone who's ever played the night club scene and attempted to earn a full-time livelihood from it knows the difficulty of getting good bookings, drawing audiences, and selling out shows, all of which are necessary if he or she hopes to be booked again in the future. This hustle and daily grind is not for everyone, and the happy result is that a lot of highly qualified teachers and outstanding musicians are out there for hire--and at reasonable rates.

Another Approach to Los Angeles Guitar Lessons

For those performers who are farther along in their development, attending a Los Angeles music school is a secondary option. Some students need the formal structure of a classroom setting to get the most out of their music educations. Working one on one with instructors, playing with fellow students, and receiving critical feedback are all worth their weight in gold, especially to journeyman players who must develop the improvisational skills needed to jam with total strangers.

Other students of the six-string find that Los Angeles guitar lessons through an accredited college are just as valuable as a certificate program. This way, they can still get superior instruction and feedback (as well as access to top-flight equipment) without committing to a full-time course load. Some guitar schools will even permit you to audit a class in order to see whether or not a given program is right for you.

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